Craft vs Art

Craft vs Art

Main craft debates


Decca Aitkenhead and Christian Bennett


Grayson Perry on crafts vs art


Grayson Perry-“craft can be taught to someone else, and they can become as good at it as you. Art-it is linked to an individual and their vision, and is hard to replicate,

Notes from the radio Newzeland broadcast talk July 4 1990-

Mechanically produced items can not be craft as they are mass produced (i.e thousands of items an hour) where as craft implies the application of the human hand and creativity.

Viewed- 30/09/12

Miranda- Art or craft once concurred and created remain the same regardless of what label we affix to it. words will not alter it, all you can alter is your perception. Craft can be art and art can be craft. Ultimately if you enjoy what you create, or love what you acquire from those who make it. art is whatever you perceive it to be.

notes from the radio Newzeland July 4 1990

mechanically produced items can not be craft as they are mass produced(i.e thousands of items an hour)where as craft implies the application of the human hand and creativity.

Lethaby-“once more let me try to make it clear that by art, instructed thinkers don’t only mean pictures or quaint and curious things, or necessarily costly ones. Certainly not luxurious ones. They mean worthy and complete workmanship by competent workmen.

Lethaby states-that a well made chair is a work of art.

W.R. Lethaby 1922

My thoughts and feelings-How can we say that craft is not art. there can not be art without craft, and craft without art, I’d say that with both art and craft you get examples in which, the artist or crafter has demonstrated that craft can be art and art can be all depends on the way you look at I, and your individual perceptions and interpretations.

The craft reader(manifesto of the Bauhaus)-Professional art- there is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman. The artist is an exulted craftsman.

Manifesto of the Bauhaus and education and the Bauhaus

W.Gropius and L.Moholy-Nagy, manifesto and education of the Bauhaus

Page 555, chapter 68, paragraph 1,.


My thoughts and feelings.

I went to a craft fair this week and looked at some of the exhibitions.some of the pieces that were exhibited under craft were so beautiful and full of individuality,that I would have said they were works of art.

I don’t think it matters what materials you use,if the final product invoices an emotion in you and inspires you it is art.


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