Gate keepers-who are they? what do they do?

Gatekeepers-a close group of expert insiders,or even conspirators,who determine who is in and who is out,what is worthy of attention and what is not.what is condemned and what is condoned.

gatekeepers are often gallery owners who choose whether to grant someone an exhibit.



Kurt Lewin was apparently the first one to use the term “gatekeeping “which he used to describe a wife or a mother as the person who decides which food ended up on the family’s dinner table.(Lewin,1947)

The gatekeeper decides which information will go forward, and which will other words a gatekeeper in a social system decides which of a certain commodity-material, goods and information may enter the system.

Important to realize is that gatekeepers are able to control the public’s knowledge of the actual events by letting some stories pass through  the system but keeping others out. Gatekeepers can also be seen as institutions or organizations. In a political system

There are gatekeepers, individuals or institutions which control access to positions of power and regulate the flow of information and political influence. Gatekeepers exist in many jobs, and their choices hold the potential to colour mental pictures that are subsequently created in peoples understanding of what is happening in the world around them. Media gatekeeping showed that decision making is based on principles of news values, organizational routines.

Examples of gatekeeping-the media, the government, the education system, galleries.

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