session 1 and 2 notes

Ideas to look at- what is art, reading the visual, the rise of visual culture, assignment launch, reading material, archiving and conservation.

Main craft debates–What are they? -Issues of gender. The place of women in craft. Pricing-one off-affordable. Craft verses art(functional), funding.


(craft we agree with) (craft we don’t agree with)

O-is craft defined by what it isn’t?

(what craft isn’t)

O-what is craft? Craft is art but art isn’t craft. Small scale artisan production. Machine made large scale(not craft). Not industrialised. Making stuff by hand. Craft-skill.

Clare Twomey /dale chihuly

O- master crafts.



Session 2-notes


O-visual culture-sturken+cartwright(2001pl)book-(practices+ looking)book

O-signs+pictures have a cultural identity-you need to already understand the sign/picture to know what they mean.

O-Where does big brother come from? Big brother 1984 gorge orwel /being watched by the thing they are watching.

O-Intertextuality -one text is the t.v show also relates to the book by gorge orwel.

O- Image concurs an absent person/Photo .

O- Kitchener(your country needs you)the power to calm ,insight ,bring you to action.

O-The power to mystify(twin towers/falling man)you project your own interpretation, feeling onto this image.

O- Madeleine makain smiling on a beach. Different  meaning if you know who it is and different if you don’t.

O-Pic of shopping mall cctv/young boy holding hand of a toddler(if you knew the boys killed the toddler a different story)

O-Megan  stamers/went off with teacher(child abduction)(15 years old)debate(abduction or not.)

O-Susie from Rochdale/regularly picked up from school gates and sexually abused/south Yorkshire sex ring/social workers say-life style choice to be a prostitute.(a lot younger than Megan/totally different reaction in these 2 cases)

O-women once a bird(Leviolin D ingles 1924)Berger 1972(ways of seeing)Barthes(philosopher)

O-Denote-what the image is .  O- connote(connotation)-suggested by the image/rely on myth brought into this room.

O-Polycemic-many meanings.

O-Coca cola+ Vietnam (look at American common policy in2003).

O-Gillian Rose(visual methodologies)

O-connote analysis (coca cola+ Vietnam)

O-semantic meaning(toilet sign)

O-psychoanalysis(big brother eye)

O-images have the power to invoke emotions,  media favours the negative/depressing/sad(bad news sells)

O- Gate keepers of knowledge- newspapers, media, editors.

We buy what agrees with us/different newspapers different story/news cleansed by the government/BBC  are they the same thing?

O-Kate Middleton, privacy news/100%  of story is not data/anecdote -story/plural is not data.

O-Julia Gilard/ news from all sources, trustworthy -not trustworthy /the people will want to have a news they can trust.

O- things we believe – freedom is an important thing

O-in class we argue different points of view

O-statistics can be manipulated

O-academically  credible sources (Wikipedia is not credible)pier review-getting reviewed by experts.(Athens moodle library account)journals.

O-Ghrayson perry

O-Goal posts can be moved with debate.

O-the rise of visual culture


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