The craft council- what is it?

The craft council is the national agency for contemporary crafts.



The crafts council’s goal is to make the U.K the best place to make, see,collect and learn about contemporary craft.

The craft council delivers it’s activities through four strategic themes-

1 make-stimulating and profiling creative excellence, innovative thinking and practice across all craft forms.

2 see- change peoples perceptions of craft by showing the best of contemporary craft in different physical and conceptual contexts.

3 collect-supporting the growth of a robust craft sector

4 learn-promoting craft education and skills, progression for the economic and cultural health of the sector




Gender in craft

The place of women in craft


My thoughts and feelings-we have always had women in craft, yes in the old days women were more behind the scenes than men, they would embroider, make tapestries, sew, etc. while men were more in the public eye, as carpenters, smiths, cobblers and such, but we have come a long way since then, what with equal rights and women’s liberation.

In the 1950s when my mother was in school, girls were not allowed to take up carpentry or metal work in schools, they were only allowed to take home science, embroidery etc. But like I said we have come a long way from then.

In the modern world women can take up any craft, which in the past would have been reserved for men only, but now would be socially acceptable for women to do.

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