Session 4 archiving and conservation.18/11/12

The order of things

O-Damien Hurst  (medicine cabinet)

Archive because



Installation view

Peoples reliance on modern medication

Why???medicine cabinet

O- Jacques Derrida

2 main drives in human lives-

Drive for sex

Drive to death

O-an archive- a collection of stuff

Not always displayed

Recording things, keeping  memories

O-taste – social or cultural phenomenon.

O- Burberry- taste

O-Brian eno

Brian sewell


O- The Mona Lisa-  who views it in which way?

O- lady ga ga meat dress(distaste)(revulsion)

O-Biorc – swan dress- bad taste

O-Liz Herly-good taste-vasachi  because she is posh totty(upper-class)

O-Grayson Perry we’ve found the body of your child 2000- pushing the boundaries of taste.


O- what do we conserve?

Old things, things we value, things we like.

O-Ideas of taste tied up with market value.(cheep, expensive)

O- Bernard leach-modernist potter.

O-Ted Noten – ideas of value


Everything gets a price rather than a value.

O-gate keeping Kurt Lewin (it’s the editor who holds the true power)

About food, 1970s Mcombs

O- Monty John in the 80s

O-value is not static-it changes from group to group.

O- wonder kammer-collecting curiosities, (cabinet of curiosities)

O-Personal gatekeeping-the way you dress, body language, behaviour, to attract people or repel people.

O- cultural gatekeeping-

Middle aged women are invisible(who decides)

Concepts have changed-kids respecting elders has changed

O-why has society changed

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