session industrial revolution

Old dead guys-reinterpret what they have to say

O-late 18-19 century – industrial revolution

O- cottage industries-prior the revolution(how the revolution affected them)

O-strip farming

O-enclosure act

O-commoners-new forest

O-Guy Martin revisiting the industrial revolution

O-Thomas Carlyle-1829

Carlyle(point he is making)-machines and things around you alter the way you think

O-Ruskin 1854

What is happening to the people in the industrial revolution

O- William Morris- Wallpaper+ tapestry designs for red house

Business model

His designs are still produced today

Morris- £why should only rich people have nice


Resurrecting medieval guilds and taking commissions.



O-set up socialist demographic

O- undergraduates in oxford(change their upbringing)

(share their wealth)

O- charts for socialists

O-libertarian socialism-

O- Panoptic an-Jeremy Bentham-1785(see everything-all seeing)a machine(building to reform people)

O-utopia-good coz they want to be

O-Dystopia-good coz scared of punishment

O- Foucault-you are under constant surveillance by-CCTV, but you can not take photos of them(shops, cops)

O-(the panoptic an)(Britain)CCTV always being watched


O- art is about representation

O- Ideology’s are always collective

O- Ideology’s-how we construct what we believe to be real, and they become part of common-sense

O-Ideology’s reinforce power structures

O-((communist Russia fell)-because people stopped believing that communism was a good thing.

O-not fitting in-people make judgments of you.

O-role of ideology- you believe art is good+ useful

O-John Locket-1634-1704

O-Antoine Louis Claude De Stutt  Comte De Tracy

O-find things out +change ideas

O-idea-society can progress

O- correct ideas allow progress

O-good- bad, right + wrong

O-Danton(movies)-situated in Poland at the time of French revolution.


O-society-create a better one

Not natural

O- read Marxist  work

O- ideology used by one class to dominate the other

O-the material force-the bankers, the rich


O-ideology-shirkers + strivers (benefits)

O-legitimate- bonafide claim

O-Charles the first(divine right)to rule


O- how dominant groups keep subordinate groups under them.


O-Hegemony-invisible ideology that subordinates have taken onto make them more like the dominant class.(not in your interest of the dominant group)


O-Repressive state apparatuses-(public)

O-Ideological state(private)

O-James Scott

O-manufacturing consent(book)

O-(Morris’s views on the environment)(Stansky . p 1988 redesigning the world)

O- art and craft movement

O-craft and sustainability-


Idea of utopia. How you would like it to be in your life and around you in 2 weeks.


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