13 April 2013


1964-Harold Rosenberg

(first world war congress of art and craft)

O- self development through art

O- Alienated labour-(have to do it)

O- Non alienated labour-(want to do it)

O- modernism

O- 1860’s to 1970’s modern art

O- modern art- the philosophy of art

O- Brian Sewell-modern art

O- Renaissance

O- Humans rather than god are the measure of all things

O- everything can be reasoned out thought about

O- art can be true or not true

O- Jean Paul Laurens

O- progressive modernism

O- individual liberty

O- Tharow’s- Walden went to woods for 2 years, documented everything.

O- painting that criticizes society

O- conservative modernists

O- freedom in art and colour

O- conservative modernism is art started in the 18th century

O- (Wissler) (Dutch painter 18th century)-roots of modernism

O- The academy- the gate keepers of art- and money.

O- Van Gogh (vision)

Art is for art and has it’s own message

O- Compare Morris and modernist art.

O- art not for the public but for art(Oscar wild)

O- Polanski-(film artist/BFI(pido)is this right?

O- art that is controversial and criticizes society.

O- 1965Clement Greenburg-modernist painting

O- Mondrian, Kandinsky-(the world of the spirit)

O-Broad principles of modernism

O- Craft truth to  materials(looks like the stuff it is made of)

O- engineering(ifel tower)

O- Bauhaus(form should follow function

O- the genius


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