Notes 27/02/13 craft vs art


The craft reader- what is craft

Comment and response look on moodle

Art bête Toronto 1980s

Art movement

Yangai 1927- craft beauty

Bing- art  + craft comes from the same creative impulse

Ahl- craft should be hands on

O-tanya harrod 2002(read)

O- rozsika  parker- essay- follow format for essays

O- lee ufan – craft is superior to art

O- Gath klark craft dying of envy of art

O-art vs craft- post modernism

O-it’s all economics (where it sells)price value

O- post modern- mix of cultural values(mish mash)

O- post- continues modernism(social concerns)maybe changes
(mediums-forms)and meanings

O- modernist- about form

O- post- politics/irony/poking fun at/artist and their fame(shock)

Exit through the gift shop

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