Notes post/industrialization


Norma ray -(movie)

O- wind engineering before steam.

O-(articles and things you find interesting )

O- tavi railway line

O- digital citizens

O- ornamental art/Bauhaus

O-Ford(pay workers well)to be board.

O-the way we make things affects the people that we are.

O-modern times(1936 Chaplin)

O-Lewis Hine 1874-1941(child labour)photos

O-arts + crafts movement(head hands and heart)

O-transition network(look up)

O-the law of unintentional consequence

O-mouverine dye(the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction )1936(essay)

O- women with blue face(painting)

O- carl honore(in praise of slow)the slow movement

O-Kate Malone(ceramics)

O-Gareth meal


O-(behavioural economics)

Beautiful mind(game theory)

O-Eback baccalaureate(creative education being added to E back

O- second life-second life divorce)computer game

O- new state man(Kevin spacey)

O-how our work fits into todays economics??

O-what di you feel are the effects of industrialization on contemporary society?

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