Post modernism



O- modernity is fundamentally about order

outside the norm-disorder(non white, non heterosexual, non male)

O- (brook side)

O- totality + stability-and order maintained in modern society by “grand narratives” “master narrative” myths stories

O-Myth underpinning marriage

1 same sex

2 in church

3 for precreation

4 spiritual union

5 till death do us part

O-difference between modernism and post modernism

O-post modernism is the critique of grand narrative(myths, stories etc.)

O- modernism is about labelling

O-post modernism is about-no labels

O- what does post stand for?

O-after(subsumes, assumes)

O-contra modernism(subversive, resisting)

O- eclecticism (hybridization of form and genre, mixing styles)

O- global village(globalization of culture, race, image)


O- high and low culture

Popular culture

O- modernism and post modernism in the arts

O-modernism –absolute

O- post modernism –different points of view, not serious

Andy Warhol’s factory

Recombinant culture


1960 symmetry colours

O- post modern – no new styles(imitating old styles)(retro)

Style without  content( now it fits-mixes together

O- pot modernism craft

O- A visual idea out of context, (art of the other)(Judy Chicago)artist/feminist

O- Rosa parks-sat on bus in the white section

O- ted noten- making statements  by jewellery

(haunted by 36 women , mouse, wedding pills)

O- Richard slee

O- Gertrud mohwald

O- robert du grenier(hermit crabs)glass shells

O- art angle open call

O- art angle -£million call out

O- Jonathan chapman

Emotional durable design

The persistence of crafty

The miners strike(shown backward)the battle of au grave)

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