How industrialization has effected contemporary society.

How industrialization has effected contemporary society.

Industrialization has defiantly made the average human life style easier, most people can now afford a comfortable life style and have nice things. But on the whole I don’t feel it has improved our society. People have got so out of touch with nature and self sufficiency. We as a society take it for granted that we can get what ever we want when ever we want, and everything is disposable. We  have become complacent to the fact that over industrialization is causing a lot of harm and pollution. With industrialization comes waste, toxic chemicals, and pollution.

It is not just a thing that is happening somewhere else, it is happening all around us, and we are contributing to it. All you have to do is go shopping at a supermarket, look at all the packaging(i.e waste, potential pollution)

check where the produce you are buying  is coming from. Calculate the air miles. Then say that industrialization has benefited the planet

Industrial scale farming, use of pesticides = diminishing bee population. If we loose the bees we won’t need pesticides as there will not be anything to use the pesticides on. Of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, more than 70 are pollinated by bees.

We can all say industrialization is good, and turn a blind eye to the negative. But at the end of the day we are only harming our selves .

We as a race need to slow down, and actually see where we are going.

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