Notes- production +consumption


The paradox of choice

Weltanschaung-(world view)

O- your world view(what government should be doing)

O-Neoliberal globalism

O-Libertarian isolation-cut borders off

(Corsica-economic development)(Cambodia)

O- (Thomas Malthus)Adam smith (the invisible hand)

O- money a concept not a thing

O- USC value

O-Agricultural revolution

O-Thorsten Veblen

The theory of the leisure class

The theory  of the business enterprise( Veblen goods)

(green span)-free market economics

O- Veblen good(putting price up)(leisure goods)

O- freeze art fair

O- whoops(John Lancaster)

RSA(you tube)drawing at same time ted talks

O- platform london-(artists and activists protest in Tate about oil companies)

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