Notes session 3

Notes session 3

O-Gillian ross

O-1970-take over philosophy.

O-A sign is simply a thing, which has a particular meaning to a person.

O-Code driving hazard-coloured yellow sign-for motorists(sloe down and watch out for moose)

O-sign of Madonna + child- from painter-virgin birth-Christianity-broaden-motherhood, sanctifying motherhood(as a women it is the best you can be)red signifying royalty, blue-purity.

O-sign of big lamp post and little lamp post,-Madonna and child ,-code-highway-art,-from the artist,-Brad Downey,-for- the public,-for people interested in art at a lecture in art collage,

O- who commissioned it?

O-signify-question place of cars in our culture. Place of signs in our culture, or could be that we worship signs in our culture.

O-The way we dress, keep our hair are all signifiers, they say things about us.

O- memento mori.

All photographs are memento mori.

Memento mori- remember you will die.

A snap shot of a moment in time, to remind you of your mortality, nothing is for ever.

O-there are always 2 people in a photo, the photographer and the viewer.

O-the photo does not exist unless being viewed .

O-Vietnam burning it’s own village’s with napalm.

O-There might be something bigger that we can’t capture in photos

O-Agnes’s wedding bag

Bangle with pig-fashion-photographs.

Tracy Emien – unmade bed.

Shroud by Yeuley som-beautiful tranquil, nature, eco friendly, shroud rather than coffin.

O-connotation of your work and connotation of presentation.

O-examining ideas around truth of image power it has. representation and reality.

The male gaze-women in bond movies-function to be looked at


O- our beliefs, values and other frames of reference by which we make sense of the world.

O-situated culture- shapes our culture.

O-Situated culture is an oral one is passed on by word of mouth.

O-mass media-information, entertainment, ideas, opinions

O-yes culture has a lot to do with the way we look at things.



O-reading over things can change over time.

O- seek out an example of a piece of craft work, that has changed over time.

O- kath kidson,-

Reworking ideas about religion

More of an individual thing

O-Emily Sande- heaven(song)music videos have a lot to denote.

O-pick most interesting to you to wright in your journal.

Meaning of image, culture and the way it makes us feel and see things.

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