What is craft?

Craft – noun- an activity involving skill in making things by hand


27/12/12    3pm

Mark jones(director,V+A museum)-Craft is remembering that art is seen, felt and heard as well as understood, knowing that not al ideas start with words, thinking with hands as well as head.

Rosy Greenlees(director, crafts council)-contemporary craft is about making things, it is an intellectual and physical activity where the maker explores the infinite possibilities of materials and processes to produce unique objects.

Christopher Frayling(rector, royal collage of art)-making close contact with materials, technical skill plus imagination, tangible results in the form of things, sometimes pushing the limits of function, taking the material for a walk, objects for contemplation as well as objects for use.

Amanda Game(director, the Scottish galley, Edinburgh)-Human imagination can use craft to invent freely in the world of ideas, materials and forms, thus are the worlds of design, art, engineering, science and architecture all born of craft

Paul Greenhalgh(director, Corcoran museum, Washington d, and editor of(‘the persistence of craft’)-‘craft has changed it’s meaning fundamentally at least three times in the last two centuries, and it means fundamentally different things from nation to nation, even in the western world.so there can be no one liner that identifies larger single meaning, as it doesn’t have one.

David Revere Mcfadden( chief curator and vice president, museum of art and design, New York. )-Craft connotes the profound engagement with materials and processes that is central to creativity. Through this engagement form, function, and meaning are made tangible.

Caroline Roux(acting editor,crafts magazine)-A practice in which the very time it takes to make an object becomes part of it’s value in a world that often moves to fast.

Online- craftscouncil.org.uk

27/12/12      3pm

Arts Council England- Definition of contemporary fine craft- work that must not seek to reproduce or restore, but rather must be innovative in it’s use of materials and aesthetic vision. Work that not only reflects the signature of the individual maker, but also demonstrates investigation of the processes and critical enquiry.

Careers+lifestyles of craft makers in the 21st century -Andrew Mc Auley +Ian Fillis,in culture trends-vol14(june 2005,routledge.

Craft is taken to mean an object which must have a high degree of hand made input.

My take on the meaning og craft-An item which has been hand made, not by robotic machinery on a production line.

An item which has some function,(use, look, beauty)it can be pleasing to the eye, or the sole purpose can be use.

Is a once off or a small scale batch production, with a high human element to the  manufacturing process.

My thoughts and feelings-

I found this very hard to put down on paper, how do you define craft? You see it around you daily but it is very hard to pin point what makes it craft.

I on a personal level take craft as a big umbrella, or a river with lots of tributaries. most things humans have made, invented started of by craft.so where do you put the line? Look around you craft is huge.it envelopes you.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2005/mar/05/art 13/01/13


‘My least favourite outcome is the beautifully crafted ugly thing’ … Grayson Perry (above) and a brooch by Josef Hoffman. Photos: Lindsay Parnaby/PA, Asenbaum Collection

I see the craft world as a kind of lagoon and the art world in general as the ocean. Some artists shelter in this lagoon, because their imagination isn’t robust enough to go out into the wider sea. Although there are some very good things being made, the craft world at the moment is set up to preserve something that can’t look after itself.

quote by grayson perry

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